Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Rainy Month of May

May has been a busy month at the Davenport household, without mentioning the doctor and dental appointments and the never ending projects in the house and yard. My ward has finally decided to put me to work as a substitute primary chorister. This I have never done and wish that all my other friends in many of the previous wards could bestow some of their talent. (my sis, Emily, Becky, Beth, and Ang) It has really made me want to get a piano for my blank front room. We will see. I don't know how much junk I can talk Mike into getting, not that a piano is junk. But the one that we could afford at the moment would not be 25,000 that's for sure. Anyway, speaking of junk. Lately my favorite past time is going on KSL classifieds. And I have talked Mike into getting some pretty good junk. We have been looking into buying Lillie a bed for awhile. I was hoping to get her a trundle on the Costco website but still it was a little more than we could afford at the moment. So I decided to settle for this set.

It came with the desk, a tea pot light fixture, and some other fun things to spice up this little girls room that only consisted of elephant pink walls. I don't know who was more excited the little girl or her mommy.
We were also lucky enough to be invited to go to the aquarium with Aunt Joanne, Grandma, and Aunt Carolyn. The children loved it and Lillie keeps on asking when can we go back and visit the fish. Claire stayed home with Mike. Having three extra adults and three children was a real treat for me. I really enjoyed the outing.
Isaac trying to explain about the fish he sees in the aquarium. Ari's new and official camera smile. Or maybe she is just trying to imitate the fish.

Sweet Little girl.

Isaac is always refering himself as a Daddy sea serpent, especially when it comes to taking hime out of the bathtub. I now understand that he would be one of those underwater sea creatures that you would probably never see because he would be hiding in rock and crevises. This child could probaby have stayed all day in his hiding place.

Yes.. who doesn't enjoy the stingrays!

Mike is a man of many talents. He put this little playhouse up for the kids in a matter of days.
All the children enjoy their new playhouse and are looking forward to getting the swingset soon.

With a fabulous job on the playhouse we have to go professional on the roof. :)
Our neighbors even remarked--"They sure went all out on that playhouse they even hired a professional roofer."
I just missed my dad by 5 min. He was up there putting the drip edge. Gordon is pictured here. And the kids love Gordon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

No need to fear, Super Gray Man is here!

Meet my Super Gray Man! His outfit is perfectly planned down to the last article of clothing.
Gray man.. features white shoes, camouflage gray socks (which you can't see). Fleece hand me down pants. (Thank you Zion and Dallin). Target Pirate shirt that I bought while we lived in Camarillo.. Size 4T. Under the pirate shirt is a t shirt that he picked up from preschool that has hands prints in puff paint. (Also from Camarillo).
A Super man cape which was made by his grandma.. with his I initial on back,
You also do not see that Isaac wears three pairs of underwear simutaneously. His star wars underwear.. For extra super power strength. Or so he tells me.
Last week, Isaac could only find two pairs of underwear and overturned every laundry basket trying to find his third star wars pair. I asked him if he could wear only two that day. He told me that if he can't wear three... one or two pair make him a bad guy. After a major meltdown.. we finally found the other pair in Lillie's closet.

One last detail.. the only thing that does change is the head gear. In this pic, its true he is wearing blue barrets.

At night, Mike and I will go and check on him and sometimes he has changed out of his pjs and into a Sleeping super grayman. "Supergray man has night adventures too" or so I am told.
I love my son with the active imagination.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Baking

After contemplating whether or not I should do sugar cookies this year....

White chocolate dipped

And regular! Eat em up!

Spring Planting

Yes! Finally.. I nice warm day. We have Spring Fever over at the Davenport household. These children are natural born dirt diggers. They like to find worms, bugs, and other creepy crawlies. They like rocks, gravel, dirt clods, and Isaac can find a stick anywhere and wield it like a light saber. Anakin Skywalker has just taken over my sons body. (Especially on the days when Super Grayman is getting laundered).

....Now for my project. My own herb garden or atleast the start.

My labeling system. Not as super organized as Mike's.
This was just one of those days that was smooth and Happy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More January adventures!

Marisa's birthday celebration.. Pad Thai

Marisa and her nameste cake!

Grandma and Talmage..wearing Isaac's old outfit.. (sigh)!!

The new itty bitty bug.. I call all my kids bugs from some reason. It all started with Lillie bug.

Marisa practicing

Every day is a new adventure of motherhood... keeps on going and going.
These are the two that keep mommy up at night. Daddy snores through it! Ari has been getting her teeth.. more and more keep on coming. I keep on worrying that its her ears but so far it hasn't been.

And this is one of those nights.. The one to the right is deceiving. She takes kitty naps..
which are smaller than cat naps. She is doing better at night however.

Cici aka Claire

Sisters.. sisters... There could never be better sisters.
Ari's owies! Don't you love the days. One thing is for sure.. when your kids are really close you visit your doctor more. I was just in yesterday.. I can't believe that it has been 6 weeks since I took Ari in. Mike came with us and I don't think you could put anyone else into one of those little doctor rooms. All of our kids had shots given to them. Isaac and Lillie received a flu shot. Guess who was the worst.. or should I say cried the most... the oldest.

Baby visitors

We have been so happy to have so many visitors to welcome Cici into our home. We have loved getting diapers and wipes from Costco. It is ultimately the best gift.

Lillie, Mike, Martha, Claire, Puppy, Ari, Ron and Grandma Parrish. Isaac was being obstinate and refused to be in the picture. Martha and Ron came up from Santa Cruz, CA. We love seeing them. Hopefully we will go down and visit them soon.
Sundays at our house. Since my parents house is getting remodeled we have been lucky to have all the get togethers at ours. We love visiting with family and our kids love it too. Sundays are our favorite day.
My sisters Marisa and Kalise. Brother in law Brian and of course.. Baby Talmage.
Marisa will be expection her first in August. We are so excited for another Summer baby.

Me, Cici, and Isaac.

having cousin time with baby Talmage with the supervision of Grandpa and Brian.